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What's a Report PSs? 

It's a bit of shorthand for the page containing Point Score (PS) Reports.

Within a week of each Point Score will try to provide a brief report on PS conditions at The Point, highlights of the event and maybe try to a add a few screenshots or photos from the morning. If anyone would like to add some comments I will try to add them into the report.

Sunday the 12th of November 2006

Once again the swell was too small for The Point and the likely wind was always destined to be a Nor' Easter. So, it was an easy decision to head south to the new revitalised Reef.     

I actually think a lot of the surfers really enjoyed the change of venue again. Even though we dearly love The Point it's great to catch left hander for a change. No doubt, the Goofys were in their element. Al Johno, for example, had a great time getting slotted on his forehand. Jake showed the Grommies why he is a world class surfer by once again tearing the place apart on his backhand. Some great floaters over close-out sections were also a highlight. The Grommies once again stood out from the crowd in a way they have not been able to do at the Jetty.

It was great to see the girls competing also. They seemed to have a lot of fun in the smaller conditions.


Sunday the 24th of September 2006

A warm Westerly wind greeted us as we arrived for the Pointscore. As we all know, a westerly at the Jetty is far from the ideal wind direction. So, it was an easy decision to move the event to "The Reef". The local Grommies had been all over it for a couple of weeks and were having a ball. 

Finally the Goofy footers were going to get a fair go. A smallish NNE swell was pushing onto the shallow banks just behind the rocks forming some nice little glassy lefts and rights. The tide was slowly filling up for a 9:00ish high as the swell (and the wind strength) started to grow.

It was a mad scramble to get registered. The consensus; good conditions early.

Deano gets the ball rolling   Luna Park Just for Fun. BYO ping pong ball.  

A few nice lines                      Jake slashes a left                Mark pushes Jake to the limit

The battle between Jake and Mark in one heat was a highlight. They traded slash for slash. The competitive instinct was on show when Jake tried to go Lt on a Rt while Mark attempted the opposite.

Sunday the 28th of August 2006

Well, our luck finally run out. It was a pristine morning BUT not even a hint of swell. Those keen to increase their Point Score tally arrived early and clocked up 200 points for turning up. Were you one of them?

Sunday the 16th of July 2006: Point Score Held at The Jetty at The Point.

Saturday's conditions were very grim with a dark Nor' Easter destroying any hint of wave quality at the "Jetty". This prompted certain organisers to declare that we may finally have to prove our commitment to our club and the point score concept by moving to another location. Once again Huey smiled upon us. The classic year continued with an excellent and somewhat challenging 3-5 foot ENE swell (I think) jacking up on an early low tide which continued to fill up as the morning progressed. The best part was the lack of wind which kept conditions relatively glassy with only the occasional ruffle from the NW.

The Point: Beautiful one day, Perfect the next! Sunrise 17th July 2006.

Some great performances, barrels and wipe-outs were captured on video, still camera and water camera (thanks Garv) (By the way, if anyone has some classic footage get it to me for addition to the 2006 Preso DVD). Notable amongst the surfing performances were Jack's barrel and Ant's wipe-out (See the screenshots below and look forward to possibly seeing the video at the Preso). Jack scored 9.5's while Ant scored 0.95 and a lot of laughs. In Ant's case it was one part of his Trilogy of Terror as he took off on at least three of the biggest bombs from way too far back. 10/10 for effort as well as entertainment value. He was quoted as saying; "I thought I was going to drown!" leading to more laughter at his expense.

Ant's 0.95 Sequence 

Jack's 9.5 Pit.