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You've Found It: This is where the Club Championship Reports will be Placed.

As you may or may not be aware, SPBRC have three Club Championship days each year. So, all going well, starting from now we should end up with two reports. The first report is for Club Championship #2. When #1 was run this site only existed in my mind, so no report.

Sunday the 22nd of October 2006: The Third and Final Club Championship for 2006- Held at The Jetty at The Point.

Once again we have scored some pretty good conditions for this very important event. A six man heat format worked well with eight heats run off with clock-work precision. Once again this is a credit to the committee and also the many non-committee members who get stuck in and help out every week.

Meanwhile, we were greeted with warm water, a bloody cold Southerly and some very contestable SE wind swells with the occasional bigger "pulse" providing all of the ingredients for some epic performance surfing.

Sunday the 6th of August 2006: The Second Club Championship Event for 2006- Held at The Jetty at The Point

When the committee put together the Calendar for 2006 they obviously had the Crystal Ball fired up and ready for action. Why is it that surfers from other beaches think we wait for the surf to be good before we put the tent up (Mmm good idea)? It's because we have had an amazing run of luck with surf conditions for our Points-Scores. While other clubs wallow in 1 foot on-shore slop we paddle out into yet another perfect day at the Jetty.

The second Club Championship conditions provided more of the same. Once again we faced somewhat challenging 3-5 foot swell which strangely seemed to have a touch of East or even NNE to it. How does this work when we have had constant SW winds for the past few days? As we all know this swell direction sorts out the men from the boys. Meanwhile the SW winds kept the improving swell clean and mean. Notable on the day was the family atmosphere and feeling of good-will amongst the competitors. Many wife's, girlfriend's, children, mum's and dad's of competitors made for a carnival atmosphere earlier in the day.

Taken from 6th August 2006 WAMS and Buoys..

Looks like Southerly swell here?   Wave Buoys Port K seems to have sunk?

Once again some epic performances from many surfers. Jake (Spooner) and Benny Anderson stood out from the crowd and I doubt that anyone would have been surprised to see them take out the top two places in the final at the end of a very long and hotly contested elimination series. I missed the final yet have been told from lucky observers that it was an epic battle between Ben and Jake with Jake only just scrapping in. Others to shine were Eggles (see pics), Monty, Jeff, Jack, ......more to add after viewing the vid.

Eggles Ripped, Now you see him..........                                                        Now you don't.

There were some very encouraging performances from some of the Juniors on this day also. I know they got a great deal of encouragement from the older guys, many of whom would make great mentors for the Grommies.  Contest technique and strategy can be just as important as surfing ability (just ask Pearso).

Once again Tube riding and spectacular Wipe-outs were the order of the day. Even pointpics himself volunteered to do a lobby count in the bowl section (see pic).