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On the "Breaking News" page look for Web Changes, Upcoming Events (Presentation Night), What's New?, Next Point Score, next Club Championship and finally when is the Next/Last Meeting?

Web Changes

This site first constructed on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2006.
Links to other surf related sites added on the 11th of July 2006.
A Sponsor page added on the 11th of July 2006.
The first Point Score Report (17th of July 2006) added 18th July 2006.
Club Championship report (6th of August 2006) added 10th August 2006.
August Point score Called Off short report added late August
Pointscore 24th September 2006 Report added 3rd Oct 2006
Presentation Night 2006: Picture Gallery.

P.S.  6/8/2006

The nerve centre                              No Prizes for guessing this surfer's ID.

Upcoming Events

Presentation Night

As if you didn't know, the Preso night is planned for Saturday the 18th of November 2006 at the Bulli Worker's Club. So, add it to your calendar NOW. This night is not to be missed. Look forward to two bands playing just for us.

More info to be added later.

What's New?

As those who have attended the last two Pointscore know, SPBRC now have a great sound system pumping out not only commentary but great music. Many thanks to Marty and the committee for this great initiative. 

Next Point Score or Club Championship (CC) Round

Point Score Sunday the 24th of September 2006 at 7:00am.

Third last chance to clock up some points.

Sunday the 28th of August 2006: Not run or Won?

Question- Can Huey deliver again? Answer- NO!

Club Championship #2 of 3. Run and Won!

Sunday the 6th of August 2006 at 7:00am sharp. This is your big chance to either get your first Championship points or to consolidate on your result in event #1 which was held on the 30th of April 2006. If you bombed out in CC#1 (or like me you were out of town) don't despair, the best two results count. So, all is not lost. Don't forget to add your name (paddle-pop stick) to the pencil case for your age group.

Next/Last  Meeting

Wednesday the 21st of September 2006 (Planning for the Preso)

Wednesday the 23rd of August 2006 (held).

Wednesday the 5th of July 2006 at the Bulli Worker's Club (held).