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SAVE MYSTERY POINT! Here's (link to story) one reason why.

Link to 2007 or find details on our excellent new sponsors, ATLAS CANVAS and Blinde Sunnies

Welcome to the Mystery Point Board Riders Club (SPBRC) 2006 Archive Web Site. To link to the 2007 Web Site please click here. The aim of this page is to provide members and guests information about activities conducted by the members during 2006. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pics from the "pointpics" collection. If you want a copy of one of the DVDs then send me an email. Want to know what happened during a 2006 Point Score  or Club Championship then click on the underlined text (the hyperlink) for a report and maybe even some pics?.


What's The Point?

Is it just a headland with a grassy top fringed with some great "Bush Care" new growth crowned with the remaining (sick) Norfolk Island Pines and bordered by a rock platform with some Boat Sheds and Sand-on it? Or is it more?

Those of us fortunate enough to enjoy this wonderful location know that it is much more than the geography. It is a focal Point for a community where many people worship the delights it has to offer. Especially the waves.

It is the people as much as the waves and aesthetics that define The Point. The surfers, the clubbies, the dog walkers, the joggers, the cyclists, the surfers, the activists, the original inhabitants, the swimmers, the snorkellers, the Saturday morning Goat Boaters, the Morning Crew, the photographers, the boat owners, the locals, the Blowins, the surfers, the kayakers, the fishermen, the tourists, the whale watchers, the picnickers', the sun worshipers, the Bush Carers, the Wedding Parties, the Board-Riders, the "Backin Boys" and yes, even the Esky lidders and the surfers. Enjoy the diversity of humanity and share the good-will which comes from a sense of belonging and being one part of the rich tapestry we call The Point.

Meanwhile never forget the threat to all that we love posed by over development. Support your local activists and become involved. All of the groups or individuals listed above working together would provide a powerful enough voice helping to protect this rare gem and it's surrounding area for future generations.

Take a look at the photos scattered through this Web. As we all know, a picture can paint a thousand words and a thousand pictures can paint two words: The Point!

The 2006 Calendar of Events: All run and won!

Major Event Dates 2006

Jim Beam Surf Tag

4th & 5th Feb @ Curl Curl

Club Championship

Sun 30th Apr

Club Championship Sun 6th Aug

First Pointscore

Sun 12th Feb

Bells Or The Bank

Bus Mayhem Road Trip

Weekend 6th - 7th May


Sun 27th Aug

Billabong Pro Junior

Wed 15th Sun 19th Feb

North Gong Crown

21st May

Venue to be determined on the day


Sun 24th Sept


Sun 5th Mar


Sun 28th May

Club Championship Sun 22nd Oct

Seal Rocks Camping Trip

Weekend 18th - 19th Mar


Sun 18th Jun


Sun 12th Nov


Sun 2nd Apr

(Registration cut off date)


Sun 16th Jul

2006 Presentation Night Saturday 18th November

Bulli Workers Club



















Breaking News

For the latest updates follow the link to the 2007 site.


Go to pointpics to see the heaviest barrel ever caught on a digital still camera at The Point.